Applies To

Users of Celigo's Excel SmartClient Classic Edition (click here if you're not sure which version you are using).


  • Fixed frequent license corruption issues


Starting with the 2018.2 release, NetSuite will require that users signing in with an Administrator or Full Access role require two-factor authentication (2FA). Per NetSuite this requirement cannot be changed. Other highly privileged permissions may also mandate that a role be 2FA by default.

If you have any users accessing the SmartClient app with Admin/High privilege roles with 2FA enabled the solution is fairly simple. They will need to create and/or use another NetSuite role with the desired permissions for use with the SmartClient as the login method does not support 2FA.  

How to Update:

SmartClient users should be able to update to new version by clicking on "Check for Updates" in the Celigo SmartClient ribbon bar menu.

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