NetSuite Admins will be required to create a NetSuite Token & Secret for each licensed user. Follow the steps described here in NetSuite to generate tokens. 

Enable Token Based Authentication

  • Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features > SuiteCloud > Manage Authentication
  • Make sure “Token Based Authentication” is enabled
  • Save
  • If this feature is not enabled, you will not see the permissions required in the next step.

Decide if you will allow users to create their own tokens or if a user (such as Admin) will create tokens for the users.

  1. For the role that will be ‘creating’ tokens (ie Admin or the user as decided above) be sure that the permission ‘User Access Tokens’ has been enabled.
  2. For the role that will be using the tokens to sign in (typically a user) be sure that the permission ‘Log in using Access Tokens’ has been enabled.

Create Access Tokens

  1. Global search for page: tokens
  2. New Access Token
  3. Select the application (Celigo CloudExtend for Google Apps) and role we created earlier, then press save.
  4. IMPORTANT - Save the token ID and token secret to a secure location as these need to be populated in CloudExtend Gmail Extension by each user when logging in.
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