Note : This article is applicable for the following groups of users:

  • Trial customers: All trial customers have access to Enterprise features as long as the NetSuite bundle described below is installed in their NetSuite account.
  • All customers with an Enterprise Edition* subscription

With 17 Sep 2018 release CloudExtend for NetSuite bundle (ID: 244864) is now available publicly for all NetSuite users and can be installed in your accounts.

  • Installation link is here
    Please note your NetSuite Admin will need to install this bundle before you can take advantage of most Enterprise Edition features.
  • Installing the bundle improves search performance by 3x and allows for additional Enterprise features (both current and planned) 

*If your organization is interested in upgrading to our Enterprise Edition there is a 15 user minimum. Contact us to explore your upgrade options today. Use the chat icon at the bottom right of this window or send an email to

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