The following features are on the CloudExtend Outlook Roadmap. The timeline will be updated as our work progresses.

Q1 Planned Enhancements

  • Sticky task pane:  Currently you need to click the "Celigo" button each time for our app to populate.  We have a sticky task pane planned that will eliminate the need to click that button each time you want to save an email.
  • OneDrive for Business / Sharepoint: An integration with OneDrive and Sharepoint is planned that will allow users to attach files and folders stored in OneDrive or Sharepoint to NetSuite records which ensures documents are more portable and storage fees are minimized. The files do not use NetSuite storage space.

Q2 Planned Enhancements

  • Auto attach feature: The ability to auto attach follow up emails once an email is attached to a record.
  • Label: Currently you need to open the CloudExtend app to see if an email has been attached to NetSuite.  We will be adding a label to the emails directly, so you can see which emails have been attached directly from your inbox and without having to open the app. 

2nd half of 2019 Under Consideration

  • Contact Sync + Phone Call Sync + Task Sync:  A bi-directional sync of contacts, phone calls, tasks, and events is under consideration.
  • Support for custom fields on entry forms.

Questions, something missing from our list? Use the chat icon at the bottom of this page to contact us or send an email to to request a feature.

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