Watch this video or follow the steps below.

If you simply want to view or edit a record without attaching an email follow this process

Step 1:  Click ‘SEARCH NETSUITE’

Step 2:  Choose the record type you want to view, I will choose Customer. Type the company name/customer name or email and hit enter. 

Step 3:  Click on the record to view it.

If you have already clicked 'Attach Email to NetSuite' and have results on your screen you have several options.

Click on the the 3 dots to the right of the record name and you will be able to navigate directly to the record or message in NetSuite (see arrows below). For supported record types you can also click on the name (for example 'Teton Winter Sports' at bottom right) and view/edit some of the details directly in Outlook (the first time you do this a cache is built, subsequent actions will be much faster).

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