This article assumes that users have full permissions enabled in NetSuite for the Contact record. If you want to prevent users from editing or creating records see this article.
Step 1
:   If the sender or recipient of the email you are trying to save is not a contact in NetSuite, CloudExtend will give you the option to create that contact and then attach the email to that newly created contact record.  After you hit 'ATTACH EMAIL TO NETSUITE'  Click the 3 dots next to the new contact you want to create.

Step 2:  This will prompt you to click ‘Add’  

Step 3:  .Enter the company/customer name you want to associate the contact to and hit enter.

NOTE: Make sure when you enter in the company you hit ENTER after to ensure CloudExtend searches and associates the contact with the company.

Step 4:  Once saved, there will be a check mark next to the name of the record you just created.  Click ‘Attach Email’.

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