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Working with Templates: Using picklists (drop down fields) with CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite
Working with Templates: Using picklists (drop down fields) with CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite

XLNS | Picklist values can be selected from a drop-down list or entered directly into the cell

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Learn more on the different ways to select picklist values and the color-coded notifications.

Watch the video below to see picklists in action.

2 ways to select picklist values

  • CloudExtend Excel dynamically identifies picklist values while you type data into the sheet and tab/enter off the cell. When you use this method values are resolved in the following manner:
    If there is an exact match it will be resolved to that value and any other partial matches will be ignored. For example, user entered “AAA” and the results (first 1000) contain “AAA”, “AAA BB”, “AAA CC”. “AAA” is considered an exact match and is returned as that cells ‘resolution.
    If there is no exact match and multiple partial matches the cell will remain unresolved and a dialog will be presented in the task pane advising there are multiple matches. For example, the user entered “AAA” and the results contain “AAA BB”, “AAA CC”. The cell is considered to have multiple matches and remains unresolved

  • You can also use the Picklist drop-down list in the add-in itself

Users will see the following visual cues to know if a picklist value is automatically identified or not:

  • Excel cell turns grey when CloudExtend is identifying the value of the picklist 

  • Cell turns normal (white) once lookup is done and successful

  • Cell turns yellow if there is no match or there are multiple matches (i.e. when manual intervention is required).

Step 1: In the example below the Location field is being updated from Boston to Los Angeles.  Users can either type ahead OR click View Picklist Values (in the add-in). Choose Los Angeles and drag down to fill in the remaining lines.

Step 2:  Click Update and then check off All Rows and then click INSERT/UPDATE in the middle. Those 13 vendor bills will be updated in NetSuite with the new location of Los Angeles. The internal ID will turn green on each row as the updates are successfully completed.


CloudExtend Excel will give you 3 types of color-coded notifications after an update:

Internal ID’s in green indicates a successful update.

Messages in red indicate an error. The error needs to be fixed before the record can be saved to NetSuite. Tip: After the error is fixed upload just the affected row.

Messages in yellow indicate a notification from NetSuite but are still successfully updated.

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