Manage Records: Creating new NetSuite records from CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite

XLNS | Create new NetSuite records directly from Excel and push it up to NetSuite

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Creating new NetSuite records

Creating new records is as easy as entering data into Excel. Data can be entered manually, with formulas, macros, or copy/paste. Any picklist fields will be validated during the process. If you are manually entering data picklist fields work in much the same way they would in NetSuite.

Choose your update method

Once your data is entered in Excel it's time to choose your update method. CloudExtend offers two upsert options, Standard and Background.

Typically users that are updating small data sets would use the Standard Upload. Users processing large data sets or that need to submit multiple uploads simultaneously would benefit from the Burst Mode Upload Process.

📘Learn more about Burst Upload here.

To upload your data click anywhere in your table and then
Step 1: Select the update action
Step 2: Optional - Click 'use new background upload' if desired
Step 3: Choose to update the selected record or all records


In the example below data was copied and pasted from a separate worksheet to a CloudExtend template to create a new transfer order. Once updated (see Choose Your Update Method above), you will see a new Internal ID has generated in green which means the transfer order has been created in NetSuite successfully. Optionally you can click Refresh to retrieve all of the updated fields from NetSuite.

Data in the original spreadsheet

Data after copy/paste to CloudExtend

Data after upsert/refresh

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