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FAQ: Does CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite support custom segments?
FAQ: Does CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite support custom segments?

XLNS | Updating Custom Segments Using CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite

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There is a known NetSuite issue in that web services do not translate custom segments properly at the line level therefore they won't appear in the drop-down list as fields in the CloudExtend template builder. Additionally, if you have selected a header-level custom segment field using the template builder you will need to make a small tweak to the field name on your template (in row 1).

In this article, you will learn the following:


At the present time, changes made to the field names cannot be saved back to the CloudExtend template. To share this with other users we recommend loading the table to the workbook, editing the field names, and then saving the Workbook as an Excel template file. Users could then load the Excel template file with the table pre-loaded. When they open CloudExtend it will recognize the table.

No worries though, you can manually add the fields to your template and even share it with other users.

⚠️ If you use dependent custom segments, ie the value of segment 2 is dependent on the value of segment 1 this IS supported but will require additional setup not documented here. Reach out to support using the chat icon at the bottom right to get started with dependent segments.

For nondependent custom segments please follow the instructions below and reference this short video for the detailed process:

CloudExtend Mapping Syntax

Learn the syntax of CloudExtend and NetSuite.

How to know if the Custom Segment is at the header or the line-level

An example of a custom segment named cseg_const_category at the header level and line level:

Custom Segment Location


Custom Segment Line Level

Header Level


= T(N("VendorBill.cseg_const_category"&4))

Line Level

Expense Tab

= T(N("VendorBill.expenseList.expense.cseg_const_category"&4))

Line Level

Items Tab


How to Add Custom Segment in the CloudExtend Template

For the header level custom segment fields are added manually from the template builder

After you have loaded your template containing your header level custom segment fields edit the field name in row one and remove the reference to custbody or custentity.

For line-level custom segment fields

Step 1: Manually load a template into Excel and manually insert the column(s) that will contain the Custom Segment values. 

Step 2: The field labels in Row 2 can be changed to anything user-friendly. 

Step 3: Edit the cell in Row 1 of the new Column to associate it with the desired Custom Segment’s Field ID* as shown below. Get a head start by copying the value from another field in Row 1.

For this example, copied the formula from M1 to L1.

Step 4: Replace the field name with the Custom Segment’s Field ID. Please keep the structure of the field mapping formula intact and replace only the field names as indicated below with the exception of the &4 (this denotes it is a picklist field).

For this example, we replaced the account with cseg_const_category in cell L1.

To determine the proper format for the Field ID above first determine if your Custom Segment is at the header level or the line level (if you reference your custom segment as a custom column, ie one for every row of a transaction, it is line level).

How to Locate the Field ID

To locate the Field ID navigate to the definition of the custom segment.

In NetSuite, go to Customization > Lists > Custom Segments) and locate the ID field per the screenshot below.

Use the New Beta App

Users will easily be able to try out the beta version of our new and redesigned CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite right from within the existing application.

👉 See how to switch between two apps here.

Learn How To Get Support

Please try searching for your issue at Odds are we've seen the issue before and have already written an article. If you've exhausted your search options we can still help.

🔵 In the app, go to your template screen and click the message icon!

🔵 We have an in-app messaging feature for any user to reach out to get Support. Try chatting with us (bottom right of our support site)!

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