Retrieve Data: Downloading NetSuite Saved Searches into Excel

XLNS | CloudExtend Excel allows you to download NetSuite Saved Searches fast, and for free. Learn when to use this option here

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Updated June 2021

While CloudExtend continues to offer free saved search downloads in the Excel Data Management App we have also launched an Excel Analytics App that is purpose-built to enable users to see and run their saved searches directly from Excel. Users can refresh with one click and even put searches on a schedule.

Here's a peek at the new app.

Just want to use the free version?

No worries, you can keep using the free version to download your searches as well. When you're ready to upgrade to a version with all the bells and whistles let us know.

Here's a peek at the free version.

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite offers three modes to download NetSuite Saved Searches into Excel. The mode you choose depends entirely on your use case.

Difference between search results in NetSuite UI and Excel

View this article to learn about the differences in the way search results are displayed in Excel vs the NetSuite UI. Learn how to rename column headers and extract full names instead of internal IDs.

Three ways to run your NetSuite saved searches directly in Excel

Option 1: Raw data mode

This is the fastest way to get your saved search results into Excel for reporting purposes. When you select this, CloudExtend Excel will download data from your search into NetSuite*.  Once the data is available in Excel, you can further use this data to create you pivot tables, reports, charts, and even lookup tables for other CloudExtend Excel templates.  Data download via raw data mode cannot be sent back to NetSuite. 

Note that the column order of your NetSuite saved search is not respected. Column names may also be hard to decipher (NetSuite passes them over with field names from their web services). It's easy to fix this though, just enter a custom name for your column in the 'results tab' of your saved search.

You'll also note that picklist fields (like a customer on a Sales Order search) will display the internalID of the record as opposed to the name. See this article for several easy suggestions to address this (note, Enterprise Editions customers with our bundle installed are not impacted).

Option 2: Template Mode (available to paid subscribers only)

If you are a paid subscriber and you want to MODIFY the data you download then you will need to choose the option to download into a template. Note, you could use a saved search for this or you could use your templates data filter.

  • In this scenario data downloaded can be modified in Excel and sent back to NetSuite.

  • Downloads take longer due to all the metadata required to also send changes back to NetSuite.

Summary Saved Searches and Calculated Columns

💡 Support for downloading summary saves searches as well as displaying fields with calculated columns is only available to Enterprise customers who have installed the Celigo CloudExtend Excel Data Management bundle into their NetSuite account and are not applicable to Template mode downloads.

Option 3: Template Mode (available to paid subscribers only)

Use the CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite App (this is a separate application purpose-built for downloads and includes on-demand refresh as well as scheduled refresh.

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