Email Sync: Saving file attachments with CloudExtend Gmail

GMNS | How to save file attachments with CloudExtend Gmail

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In addition to saving important emails to NetSuite CloudExtend allows you to save file attachments as well. Need to quickly add a signed contract received via email to a Sales Order? CloudExtend makes it easy.

👉 Learn more about attaching files through email messages here.

Saving Gmail file attachments to NetSuite records

The attachment section in the CloudExtend panel will let you sync the email together with the file attachment.

Step 1: Select the record where you want to save the email

Step 2: Scroll down to the attachment section and choose the file/s to store to NetSuite

Where does the file get stored in NetSuite?

When using the CloudExtend legacy application, file attachments sync via CloudExtend and go to the NetSuite file cabinet. This functionality will be deprecated when you move to the NextGen App.

If you're using the NextGen application, we will respect native NetSuite functionality and your attachments will be saved to the native NetSuite Attachments Received folder. Learn more about NextGen here.

To check on the record, go to the Communication > Files tab

To check inside the NetSuite file cabinet, go to Document > Files > File Cabinet.

It is stored in the Celigo Gmail Attachment folder.

👉 Learn more about attaching files through email messages here.

💡 NOTE:  You can include all or none of the attachments as your desire.  Keep in mind these attachments are stored to your NetSuite storage space.

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