CloudExtend allows you to view the Gmail and Google Drive sub-tab on virtually all NetSuite record types, including custom. Ask your NetSuite Admin to follow these steps in order to enable the Gmail/GDrive subtab for your desired records.

Step 1: Navigate to Customization > Scripting >Scripts > List.

Step 2: Search for Celigo Gmail Google Drive Sub Tab. Click View next to the script and then click on the Deployments tab. Here you will see a list of record types the script is already deployed to. 

Step 3: To deploy the Google Drive tab to new record types, including custom, click the Deploy Script tab at the top left and then:

(1) Choose the record type to deploy it to.
(2) Select the audience desired.
(3) Click Save.

💡 Note: You need to have a valid GDrive license for the Gdrive subtab to appear on your NetSuite interface. 

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