By default, only a user with NetSuite Admin permissions can allocate Celigo CloudExtend Google Workspace licenses via the license manager. Please follow the below steps to delegate permissions to another role for Cloud Extend license management. 

Delegate Permissions For License Management

Custom Record Permissions

Ensure that the role has full access to Custom Records

Script Deployment Permissions

Perform the action below for each of these script deployments.

  • Celigo Google Authentication

  • Celigo Google Installer UI

  • Celigo Google Wizard Contact

  • Celigo License Manager

  • Celigo License Manager - Create License

Step 1: Locate each of the script deployments above by navigating to Customization> Scripting> Script Deployments and search for the script deployment above (for example, Celigo License Manager Script.

Step 2: Include the role you would like to add permissions for in the Audience field.

Step 3: Be sure Execute As is set to Administrator.

Step 4: Repeat until all deployments above have been changed.

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