There are cases wherein the NetSuite email address is not the same as the Gmail address. In order to associate the NetSuite email address with the Gmail address, the addresses need to be mapped against each other.

The steps below typically require Admin level permissions. Reach out to your NetSuite Admin if this is the case for you.

Steps To Resolve 

Step 1: Create a new entry in the Celigo Employee Gmail custom record.

Switch to the Administrator role. Go to Customization > List, Records & Fields > Record types

Step 2:  Look for Celigo Employee Gmail and click New Record.

Step 3: Specify Employee field and fill out the Gmail Address field and hit Save.

The Gmail address is now linked to the NetSuite email address.

Ask your NetSuite Admin to re-allocate your license by first removing it and then re-adding it back. For more on the license allocation, see this article.

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