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FAQ: Record types supported by CloudExtend Google Workspace
FAQ: Record types supported by CloudExtend Google Workspace

GMNS | See list of record types supported by CloudExtend Google Workspace

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The following are the record types supported by CloudExtend for Google Workspace. If you don't find the record type you are looking for, please raise a support ticket and ask for that particular record type to be included in CloudExtend for Google Workspace.

  • Calendar Event*

  • Contact

  • Customer

  • Customer Payment

  • Employee

  • Estimate

  • Inventory Item*

  • Invoice

  • Job

  • Lead

  • Opportunity

  • Partner

  • Phone Call*

  • Prospect

  • Return Authorization

  • Sales Order

  • Support Case

  • Task*

  • Vendor

  • Campaign*

  • Cash Refund

  • Check

  • Customer Deposit

  • Expense Report

  • Inventory Adjustment*

  • Inventory Transfer*

  • Issue*

  • Item Receipt

  • Journal Entry*

  • Purchase Order

  • Solution*

  • Transfer Order*

  • Vendor Bill

  • Vendor Credit

  • Vendor Payment

  • Vendor Return Authorization*

  • Work Order*

  • Item Record Type*

  • Assembly Item*

  • Inventory Item*

  • Kit Item*

  • Lot Numbered Assembly Item*

  • Lot Numbered Inventory Item*

  • Serialized Assembly Item*

  • Serialized Inventory Item*

  • Other Name Record Type*

๐Ÿ’ก Notes:

Record types with an asterisk(*), emails saved will not be visible in NetSuite due to the Messages tab not being available in NetSuite.

Out of the above-mentioned record types, the following are NOT supported for Create a NetSuite record and Attach email functionality:

  • Cash Sales

  • Credit Memo

  • Cash Refund

  • Purchase Orders

CloudExtend for Google Workspace functionality can be extended to custom record types. Click here to know how.

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