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FAQ: CloudExtend Google Workspace and shared Mailboxes
FAQ: CloudExtend Google Workspace and shared Mailboxes

GMNS | Learn how to use CloudExtend with shared mailboxes

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CloudExtend Google Workspace and Google Shared Mailboxes

Celigo’s CloudExtend Google Workspace supports shared mailboxes as long as the licensed user is logged into the same Gmail account associated with their CloudExtend user license and has set up email groups and aliases as defined below.

Watch this video or follow the steps below:


The organization's admin and the user should perform the following steps in order to manage the emails in the shared mailbox.

Step 1: Google Admin sets up the shared group mailbox.

Step 2: End-user configures their primary Gmail to be able to send emails from the shared email address.
💡 Pro Tip: Users can create a label so all emails related to the shared mailbox will be easy to identify.

Step 3: When replying to emails sent to the group email the sender will be set as the group (ie by default. This is generally desired, however, if you need to send as yourself simply change the sender in the From of your Gmail compose window.
💡 Pro Tip: Consider adding your group in the cc (or bcc) when you reply in order to ensure that other group members are aware of the reply (this also inserts the reply in

the thread inside the Group Shared Mailbox as well).

Monitoring email

Since multiple users have access to the shared email consider having a separate tab open with the group email open ( specific info for your group). As individuals reply to the emails to the group address, they will all show in this view so the group can be sure they have covered all the emails.

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