Update - As of Summer 2021 we encourage users to use our new app, CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite to stream your NetSuite searches into NetSuite. With a single click, you can put refresh one or more NetSuite saved searches. You can even put them on a schedule. We've also already taken care of any formatting and any column order issues.

When choosing to download your search results in raw-data (fastest) mode  (1st option in screenshot below) NetSuite is not able to communicate the order of the columns to CloudExtend. Most users end up building pivot tables and charts of the raw data making the order unimportant anyway.

If the order is important we suggest building an Excel macro that you can run after the download that will change the sort order to the one you prefer.

💡 Pro tip - Macros don't have to be coded. Learn how to record them here.

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