Working with Templates: Finding your NetSuite field names in the template builder

XLNS | Not seeing your NetSuite fields in the template? Learn how to correlate display names to field ID

Updated over a week ago

When creating a CloudExtend Excel template, the display name that appears on the record in NetSuite may be different than the field ID. The field ID is what is initially displayed in the template field list. If you are not sure of the field ID open the record in NetSuite.

To find the field ID simply click on the display name once you see the ? sign  (1) and scroll down to the bottom.  The field ID will be displayed (2). Once your template is loaded you can change the name of the field in the table header to make this easier for your end-users.

The display name is Vendor but the field ID is an entity. You would search for the entity (not display name) when looking for the field in the template builder.

If you do not see the field IDs when you click on the display name, refer to this article on how to expose the field IDs.

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