CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite allows users, even cancelled users, to connect to their NetSuite Saved Searches for FREE 🎉.

Gone are the days of finding your saved search in NetSuite, running it, exporting to CSV, opening it, selecting the data, and then copying and pasting it into the workbook that holds all your analysis (formulas, pivot tables, etc.). With our free reporting engine just select your saved search in NetSuite and watch it stream into Excel. Any pivot tables or charts linked to the range will then update automatically. Pretty sweet.

It's easy to get started, even if your trial is cancelled.

  1. Sign in to CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite and choose 'CONTINUE FOR FREE' (screenshot below). If you need to reinstall CloudExtend click here to learn how.

  2. Read this short article that explains the search functionality in more detail. It also covers current limitations and how to overcome them.

  3. Enjoy.

  4. Contact if you're interested in restarting another 14 day trial as well.

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