CloudExtend Gmail Lite has limited features and is used by free users in lieu of the full-featured Chrome extension. Gmail Lite is available for attaching emails from mobile devices. Paid users have access to both versions.

See below for restrictions based on your subscription type*.

Step 1: Install the add-on from the Google Marketplace here.

Step 2: Once installed, enter your NetSuite credentials, select a role, and see the video below for a short tutorial.

*No corporate subscription?

Users whose company does not have a subscription to CloudExtend Workspace will be restricted to attaching only 20 emails per month.

Already have a corporate subscription?

If your organization has a license for CloudExtend Gmail already you will be able to attach unlimited emails from mobile or browser and you'll receive the following benefits as well when you use the more fully-featured Chrome extension.

  • Attach unlimited emails

  • Support for more record types including custom records

  • Easier / faster searching with global search

  • Attach Files

  • Add/update NetSuite data (such as Contacts) directly in Outlook

  • Lower storage costs by replacing the NetSuite file cabinet with Google Drive

  • Bi-directional calendar sync

  • Compose Gmail from NetSuite UI

  • And much more


  • Gmail Lite does not yet support logging in to roles that require two-factor authentication.

  • Gmail Lite does not support file attachments

  • Gmail Lite only supports a limited number of NetSuite records

  • Gmail Lite does not allow for creating or editing Netsuite records

  • Gmail Lite does not provide iPad support as Gmail Add-ons aren't available yet on the iPad platform

Contact for more information on licensing CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite.

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