CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite is available to all subscribers that have a version of Outlook that supports add-ins on shared mailboxes. Once a user has installed CloudExtend on their own mailbox it will appear when working in a shared mailbox as well.


  • A Microsoft 365 subscription with the current Outlook build November 2019 or higher OR Outlook on the web

  • ⚠️ Users have not added the shared mailbox to their Outlook profile. The user must be added to the shared mailbox by their Exchange Admin (see Use only shared mailboxes enabled by your Exchange Admin below).

Best Practice

πŸ”΅ Attach emails from the final destination folder

As a best practice users should attach emails from the mailbox or folder they will ultimately reside in. For example, if you receive an email to and you then move that email to some other folder or mailbox you should attach the email after you have moved it. Failure to do so could result in the email failing to sync.

πŸ”΅ Use only shared mailboxes enabled by your Exchange Admin

If users have not been added to the shared mailbox by their Exchange Admin and instead have added it to their profile by using the mailbox credentials the add-in will not function properly. Microsoft recommends that the Exchange Admin add users to the shared mailbox via the Exchange Admin Center instead of adding the mailbox to their profile manually.

πŸ“˜ See this article for Microsoft's recommended method of adding a user to a shared mailbox.

If you see your own mailbox name on the add-in and not the name of the shared mailbox it should function normally as long as all other prerequisites for working with a shared mailbox are met.

Known issues

πŸ”΅ Issues with emails from non Outlook/Exchange domains

Emails received from domains not using Outlook/Exchange (ie Gmail) will fail to sync unless the best practice advice above is followed.

πŸ”΅Categories may not be automatically created by CloudExtend

Users may need to manually create the Synced by CloudExtend category per this article.

πŸ”΅ Unsupported Versions

Users on unsupported versions of Outlook may get an error message similar to the screenshot below. This is not a unique issue to CloudExtend and impacts users of any add-in for Outlook when used on a shared mailbox. Here is a Microsoft article documenting what's not supported, specifically in the section called Mailbox items available to add-ins:

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