**For a PDF version of our Best Practice Guide & Onboarding Checklist please email justine.burdo@celigo.com**

Gmail Best Practices:

  • Include Celigo in your internal onboarding processes.
  • Follow the concept, "If it is not in NetSuite, it didn't happen".  This will encourage and motivate end users to log ALL important email.  Like anything else, a level of enforcement internally is important.
  • Set a filter to limit the records displayed in your search results.  If you only want to attach emails to Sales orders, Contacts, or Quotes, set filter on this criteria to make it easier to select just the right record 
  • Use the Gmail tab in NetSuite (instead of the communication tab) to quickly view all important emails saved from Gmail.
  • Create records directly from within Gmail instead of going into NetSuite to create them.

Google Drive Best Practices:

Consider using Google Drive as your storage solution.  By using Google Drive you are not taking up any NetSuite storage space + all files attached to NetSuite records that are edited/changed in Google Drive will sync in real-time on the NetSuite record!

  • Use Gmail’s native ‘Save to Drive’ tool to save your email attachments to Google Drive. Then click ‘Organize” and place it where you wish. You can then also save the email to the desired record and quickly navigate to the record in NetSuite and use the Celigo Tool to associate the new document with the NetSuite Record on the Google Drive tab.
  • Anytime you save a folder to a NetSuite record and then you or someone else in the company adds files/folders to that folder in Google drive, it will also add the file to that folder that the folder is attached to in NetSuite.

                            Visit our Help Center for more information on all of the above.

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