CloudExtend relies on the Google API to return the message ID and additional details such as email sender/recipient (which is then sent to NetSuite to find matching records). When the Google API fails to return the message ID we alert the user with the dialog box below.

Known issues

1) The Gmail API does not return any results if the user is trying to attach a group or shared email.

2) The Gmail API does not return results when the user exceeds usage limits set by Google.

Working around the error

  • Click retry in the pop up to force Google to try and return the message details

  • If you are working in a group or shared mailbox you can forward the mail to yourself and then attach it from your own mailbox

  • If the error still persists, navigate to a different email and come back to the mail and try again.
    You can quickly navigate between mails by using the next/previous message navigation arrows as shown below.

  • If you are still having issues it is likely you have exceeded some preset Google usage limits. In such a case there is likely some other integration consuming your Google API resources and you will need to wait for some period for Google to auto reset and try again.

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