You are receiving this error because you are trying to login to NetSuite via CloudExtend Excel with a role that requires 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).  Prior to the release of NetSuite 2018.2 users with Full Access or Admin roles were not required to sign in with 2FA. With the release of 2018.2 NetSuite has made 2FA mandatory for Full Access and Admin roles. 

 CloudExtend uses NetSuite web services which does not support 2FA. Due to this we encourage users that were previously signing in with Admin or Full Access roles to create a new role for use with CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite.

Please note that as a general best practice the use of Admin or Full Access roles is generally discouraged. We recommend you only give your users the minimum set of permissions needed.

 Recommended Process to take now

  1. Clone the role your NetSuite user would normally login under
  2. Evaluate the permissions to be sure they apply for your users
  3. Remove the Single Sign On Requirement or 2FA (see screen shot)
  4. When signing in to NetSuite via our Apps be sure your users select this new role.


If you still have issues signing in to NetSuite after performing the above actions please try the following steps.

  1. Right click in the App and select 'Reload'. If the issue is not resolved move to Step number 2.
  2. If you are using a PC Microsoft does use IE for caching data for all add-ins (despite your choice of default browser). Mac users still having issues should skip to step 3.
    Instructions to clear cache for PC are here 
  3. Still having trouble? File a support ticket.

Additional Notes

Often times users will run into issues creating or using templates because they don't have access to custom fields. See this article to learn how to grant permissions to custom fields.

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