To provide an extra level of security, NetSuite 2018.2 release requires all NetSuite users with privileged roles to use two-factor authentication (2FA). 

However, there is the minimal impact when using a highly privileged role and CloudExtend Google Workspace. 

What is not affected

  • Attaching emails and files to NetSuite is the primary use case and this will continue to function as designed without a user needing to switch to a non-admin role

  • Users of our Google Drive integration are not affected.

  • Users of our Google Calendar integration are not affected.

What is affected

Users that edit NetSuite records inside the Chrome extension will not be able to do so with an admin role.

We recommended users that currently use Admin roles and need to edit NetSuite records from within Gmail using CloudExtend Chrome extension, use Token Based Authentication or Single Sign-On to establish a Web Services connection. Learn how to set up TBA and SSO For CloudExtend G Suite here.

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