Once the below setup has been completed learn how to approve timesheet entries here.


  • An active CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Enterprise Edition License*

  • CloudExtend bundle in NetSuite Account.

  • CloudExtend Outlook Add-in installed on Outlook accounts of users who will be approving actionable messages.

Activating Bundle License

Once the CloudExtend bundle has been installed your NetSuite Admin will need to activate it with a license key and company-specific URL supplied by your CloudExtend Account Executive. If you do not have a key email cloudextend-sales@celigo.com. 

Activation Steps 

Step 1: Navigate to the Customization tab in NetSuite Account.

Step 2: Select Scriptings from the dropdown and select scripts.

Step 3: Search for Celigo Notification Entrypoint from Bundle 244864 and click on View.

Step 4: Click on Time in Deployment tab 

Step 5: Navigate to Parameters Tab 

Step 6: Provide value in Cloudextend AM key textbox (if you don't have this key contact cloudextend-sales@celigo.com)

Add the following to the API URL

Step 7: Save the changes.

Additional Preparations

Once Actionable Messaging is enabled both native NetSuite and CloudExtend will send email alerts to supervisors alerts when they have time or expense entries to approve. Follow the steps below to disable the native NetSuite communications to avoid duplicates.

Disabling the Native NetSuite Emails:

Step 1: Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Preferences> Account preferences > Time & Expense
Step 2: Disable Automatically Notify Supervisor checkbox.

Verify Employees have Supervisors

Step 1: Open Employee record in NetSuite.

Step 2: Ensure that each employee has a valid supervisor OR has set up specific supervisors for time and expense notifications.

Step 3: Optional, but recommended, whitelist actionable-messaging@celigo.com in your Exchange server as this is the address that will be sending the Actionable Messages to you. 

*If your organization is interested in upgrading to our Enterprise Edition there is a 15-user minimum. Contact us to explore your upgrade options today. Use the chat icon at the bottom right of this window or send an email to cloudextend-sales@celigo.com.

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