CloudExtend works when users have another browser tab already open and logged in to NetSuite. If you're only attaching emails and files to NetSuite it's not necessary to login to NetSuite and you may choose the "Skip" option (Learn more about Skip here).

For users that use advanced features such as editing NetSuite records directly in Gmail you would need to login using one of the three methods below.

  • Using Basic login credentials
  • Token Based Authentication (TBA)
  • Single Sign-on with Google (SSO). Support for other providers is coming soon 

Basic Credentials:

These are your standard NetSuite login credentials that you use to login to NetSuite regularly. 

Token Based :

Contact your NetSuite Admin to get Token & Secret. Once you them, enter Token & Secret in respective fields to Connect your Gmail to NetSuite. 

Single Sign-on :

If you use your Google credential to login to NetSuite, use this option to login to CloudExtend. Contact your NetSuite Admin to enable SSO on CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite. 


If you're having getting a message stating that "We haven't found any NetSuite Session for your Connected User/Role" then please refer to this article for troubleshooting.

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