As of November 28, 2019, CloudExtend launched a new login flow in Preview mode that completely eliminates the steps in this article. Please refer to this article for more information on the new login flow including how you can get it now.

If you have the Preview Version of our App the steps below are no longer required as of November 28, 2019 and are only listed for historical purposes.

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite users login processes may vary based on their license as well as the methods their Administrators have enabled for them. First time users (or users that have cleared their app cache) will see a welcome screen similar to the one below and should click Continue.

Next, enter your NetSuite login email address and click 'Continue.

The next screen will vary based on the version of CloudExtend Excel you have licensed as well as the login methods your NetSuite Admin has made available to you.
IMPORTANT, Enterprise end users must have their licenses allocated by their Admin via the subscription management portal. If they do not exist in the portal they will instead be asked to start a trial and will be limited to Username & Password sign in only. 

  • Trial users and users with a CloudExtend Personal Edition subscription will only be able to use Credentials based login and will select Username & Password.
  • Users with a CloudExtend Enterprise subscription will see the login methods made available to them by their Administrator which could include:
    - Username & Password
    - Token Based Authentication
    - Single Sign On

Username & Password

Selecting Username & Password will allow you to enter your NetSuite password to sign in. Note that this login method is not valid for NetSuite roles requiring two factor authentication (2FA). 

Token Based Authentication (TBA)

Users signing in with TBA will have an option of securely storing their token ID and secret and creating a pin to unlock them making future sign ins simple.

  • After selecting 'Token Based Authentication' the following screen is displayed. For more information on creating tokens see this article. Here a user will need to enter the following information
    - NetSuite Account Number
    -Token ID
    -Token Secret
    - Check 'save this token to the device' if you desire
    - Give this login combination a name that will be easily recognizable. This is especially important if you have tokens assigned to multiple roles.

Create a PIN

On the next screen you will be prompted to enter a PIN. This PIN will be all that is required for subsequent logins. We recommend a 4 digit numeric PIN but you may choose to enter a longer number consisting of alphanumeric characters if desired.
IMPORTANT - PIN numbers cannot be reset. If a PIN is forgotten users will be required to add new tokens and generate a PIN again.

Once a PIN is saved, on repeat login, user will be presented with list of tokens/roles  they have added to the device and can select the token they want to use to sign in to the App

Single Sign On (SSO)

Instructions for SSO are coming soon. Meanwhile use the messenger icon at the bottom of this page to chat with us and we'll arrange to walk you through the setup.

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