From time to time we push updates to our Apps on the Microsoft Office store. The App updates then roll out over a period of time to end users. In some cases this can take a week or more.

We encourage you to check with your IT team before removing and reinstalling the App and ensure this process is OK with them. Once you've checked, follow the process below.

How to get your update now

Make a note of your version number at the bottom of the App.

Uninstall CloudExtend

If you're running Outlook on the desktop click 'Get Add-Ins on your ribbon bar.

If you're running OWA (Outlook Web Access via your browser then (1) click on the settings icon and (2) select 'Manage add-ins".

On the next screen, locate the CloudExtend Add-In and (1) click the 3 dots at bottom right, then (2) click remove.

Reinstalling CloudExtend

  • After the Add-In has been removed simply click "Add" to reinstall. There is no need to restart Outlook.

  • If you were forcing an update to a new version open the Add-In from Outlook and check that the version number at the bottom of the App is your expected version number.

Having trouble loading the App after the update?

If CloudExtend is not loading properly after the update please refer to this article for troubleshooting tips.

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