In aligning with best practice recommendations from Google, CloudExtend removed restricted scopes from CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite in August of 2019.

Users that signed up prior to August 2019 may still be using access tokens with the restricted scopes and must revoke the old tokens before January 6th, 2020 to continue using the application. Once the token is revoked users will be prompted to grant access to CloudExtend again, this time with less restricted scopes (Basic Account Info only).

Individual users should follow the steps below to revoke older tokens (if any) and grant access under the new, less restricted scopes.

Verify Proper Access has been granted

Step 1: Navigate back to the list of 3rd party applications with account access

Step 2: Celigo CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite should be visible under the Signing in with Google section and should only have access to the Basic Account info per the screenshot below.

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