CloudExtend relies on an active NetSuite session being open in another browser tab. Recently, Google has been making a number of changes to Chrome which cause this session not to be found and a message similar to below is displayed.

Below, please find the steps to resolve this issue.

(1) If you see the screen at the top left then manually navigate to your NetSuite and refresh the tab your NetSuite is logged into and then refresh Gmail. If there is still an issue then open NetSuite in a new tab and then refresh the Gmail tab.

(2) If you see the screen at the top right the steps below should resolve your issue.


This will open a new browser tab and force the user to login to NetSuite again, thus ensuring there is a active session. Alternatively the use user can bypass this by navigating to their NetSuite tab and refreshing the browser window.

If above does not resolve the issue continue with below.


A subset of users on Chrome build 79+ (or beta) have been affected by modifications to the way Chrome handles cookies and are receiving the error below even if they are actively logged into NetSuite in a different tab.

Follow these steps.

  • Logout of any open NetSuite sessions
  • Open a new tab in your Google Chrome and enter chrome://flags/ in the address bar. If you are using Edge's chromium browser enter edge://flags/
  • Search for “SameSite” and set the value to "Disabled" for the following
    - SameSite by default cookies
    - Enable removing SameSite=None cookies
    - Cookies without SameSite must be secure
  • Relaunch Chrome and log into NetSuite and Gmail. After opening Gmail, refresh the page with your active NetSuite session.
  • If above did not solve your issue see "Still not working" below.

Still not working?

If the above has not solved your issue then clear your browser cache, including cookies.  

  • Clearing all cookies is the simplest approach but also overkill. 
  • If you are concerned about losing important cookies you can instead enter chrome://settings/siteData in your browser and then search for NetSuite and only delete the NetSuite related cookies.

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