If you've been invited to test the CloudExtend Outlook App with the fixes for Outlook freezing up you're in the right place. 

Please note the Preview Build does not support logging in with tokens so your first login attempt will fail and you will be asked to enter your NetSuite password again. This is expected.


A very small subset of users with certain combinations of Windows builds and Microsoft Edge builds run into a memory issue when CloudExtend is pinned. We'd like you to test a new version that is intended to resolve the issue. This new version can be installed in a few simple steps

Steps to install (details below)

  • Remove old version
  • Install new version (requires 'side loading')

Remove the old version 

  • Open Outlook and select Get Add-Ins from the home tab
  • Select my add-ins and then remove the current version by clicking the 3 dots and selecting remove.

Install the new version

The new version was emailed to you and the file name is manifest-preview.xml. To install this new version follow the instructions to side load the add-in below.

  • Open Outlook and select Get Add-Ins from the home tab
  • Select my add-ins, choose add a custom add-in from file

Provide feedback

Please provide all feedback directly to Kevin Ha (kevin.ha@celigo.com).

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