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Google Drive: Save Gmail attachments to Google Drive and see them in NetSuite
Google Drive: Save Gmail attachments to Google Drive and see them in NetSuite

GMNS | Learn how to save your Gmail file attachments to Google Drive and associate them with NetSuite records

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CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite users can attach emails and file attachments to NetSuite records thus giving everyone in their organization 360-degree visibility to import communications and files.

If you're concerned about document portability and/or storage space in the NetSuite file cabinet then consider creating a Google Drive folder for each of your NetSuite records. For example, you could have a parent Drive folder called Customers and then a unique subfolder for each customer.

Using CloudExtend's Google Drive feature you would then attach each Google Drive folder to the specific customer record (a one-time process). Moving forward, any files you save with the native Gmail Save to Drive icon to the customer folder will automatically show up in NetSuite under that customer. You can even get started by doing this in a bulk operation.

See it in action in the video below.

Save Attachments to Google Drive and see them in NetSuite

If you have an email with an attachment and you wish to store the attachment in Google Drive, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Hover the mouse to the file attachment of the email then click Add to Drive.

Step 2: Click Organize and choose where you want the file to be stored.

Step 3 (Optional): If the root folder is not attached yet to a record in NetSuite, open the NetSuite record and attach the folder to be associated.

This will not take up NetSuite storage space!

Attaching Files from the Attachment Section

The attachment section in the CloudExtend panel will let you sync the email together with the file attachment.

Step 1: Select the record where you want to save the email

Step 2: Scroll down to the attachment section and choose the file/s to store to NetSuite

Where does the file get stored in NetSuite?

When using the CloudExtend legacy application, file attachments sync via CloudExtend and go to the NetSuite file cabinet.

To check on the record, go to the Communication > Files tab

To check inside the NetSuite file cabinet, go to Document > Files > File Cabinet.

It is stored in the Celigo Gmail Attachment folder.

👉 Learn more about attaching files through email messages here.

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