FAQ: Disable caching for picklist values

XLNS | Learn how to turn off caching of picklist values and set it as a real time lookup

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CloudExtend Excel caches picklist values. For 99% of use cases this is desired as picklist values do not generally change all that often and when they do users can click the ellipse and refresh to quickly cache the values for the session.

For users whose picklist values also change in near real time they may elect to disable caching for that field.

Cautionary Note

โš ๏ธ Forcing picklist values to real time lookup will have a negative impact on performance both during data entry and during an upsert process because each line will be forced to check the value in real time against NetSuite. Before upserting consider changing the value to the internal ID using [[nnnn]] format.

Enable real time lookup

To force a field to resolve directly from NetSuite instead of cache, you need to edit the formula in the first row (note this formula is typically hidden by using a white font) and change the &4 to &20.

In addition, this setting will not save back to the template so users will either need to change it each time they load the template or simply save the template on a worksheet for reuse.


Old value

= T(N("TimeBill.employee"&4))

New value

= T(N("TimeBill.employee"&20))
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