Emails from shared mailboxes are not attaching to NetSuite

Users are encouraged to follow best practices as outlined here. Doing so should eliminate the vast majority of issues.

The majority of users are able to successfully attach emails to shared mailboxes. Because of the new queuing process it may take some time (30 seconds on average but could be 30 minutes or more) for your email to physically attach to the NetSuite record. If emails are still not showing please follow the steps below.

  • Your NetSuite Admin can check the status of your jobs by following the instructions in this article.
  • If your NetSuite Admin is seeing the email requests in the queue it just means NetSuite is still processing them, no action required.
  • If your NetSuite Admin is not seeing your email attach requests coming into the queue then read below.

Initial Findings

Shared mailbox was not added by Exchange Admin

Sept 8 2020 - Although investigations are ongoing we believe the issue is related to the way users have added (or been added to) a shared mailbox. Microsoft recommends that the Exchange Admin add users to the shared mailbox via the Exchange Admin Center instead of adding the mailbox to their profile manually.

See this article for Microsoft's recommended method of adding a user to a shared mailbox.

Our initial findings show that add-in actions will fail if a user adds the shared mailbox to their Outlook profile and then enters the credentials for the shared mailbox to access it.

If you see your own mailbox name on the add-in and not the name of the shared mailbox it should function normally as long as all other prerequisites for working with a shared mailbox are met.

Emails are moved immediately after attaching

We are also aware of certain emails not attaching if a user attaches to NetSuite and then immediately moves the message to another folder. In such a case the user may not be notified that the email failed to sync if it originated from a non Exchange/Outlook domain (such as Gmail).

Version 2.4.74 was released on Monday, September 14th to address this issue by alerting users the email failed to sync.

Users are encouraged to follow best practices as outlined here which, among other things, recommends that users attach the email after moving it to the final destination.

Contact Support (and what to send)

If your NetSuite Admin has confirmed that your requests are not showing in the queue and you are following all of our best practices we want to learn more. Please use the chat at the bottom of this window and send us the following.
If you prefer to send a video rather than multiple screenshots we recommend signing up for a free Loom account here. Loom will give you a URL to share with us right after the recording.

  • A screenshot of your Outlook version number
  • A screenshot of your Windows version and build number
  • A screenshot showing the shared folder you are attaching from in your left nav-bar in Outlook (in particular we're looking to see if you are using multi level folders) as well as the name that shows on the welcome screen of the add-in (see above images)
  • A description of how the email is getting to the folder and when you attached it, ie are you attaching from your inbox and immediately moving the mail to your shared folder, are you attaching directly from the shared folder and then moving the email elsewhere, are you attaching directly from the shared folder an leaving the mail there?

At CloudExtend we know how important it is for your to have your emails in NetSuite and we're sorry to report this issue. Our team is hard at work investigating and your help is greatly appreciated.

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