Error: How to resolve Error CEHE-00022

GMNS | How to resolve error CEHE-00022 in CloudExtend Gmail

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Error Message

CEHE-00022 ConnectionCreationError: Failed to create NetSuite connection

Resolve the Error

Step 1: Navigate to your Google Account by clicking the icon next to your image at the top right of your email.

Step 2: Then click on Security and Manage third-party access.

Step 3: Select CloudExtend for NetSuite and then Remove Access.

Step 4: Refresh Chrome and CloudExtend and you will be prompted to Sign in with Google.

Go ahead and sign being sure that you are logging into the account that has CloudExtend licensed. In most cases, this will be your NetSuite production account. In some cases, it may be your NetSuite sandbox account. Once logged in the CEHE-00022 error should be gone (be sure to have NetSuite open in another tab). If it persists be sure you are logging into the NetSuite account you are licensed for.

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