❗️The functionality below is rolling out via a bundle update to select NetSuite accounts beginning April 2nd. It will roll out to the remaining accounts by the end of April, 2021.

NetSuite allows for prefixes and suffixes to be automatically added to transaction numbers. For example, invoice number 65321457 can have a prefix of "INV" resulting in invoice number INV65321457. As a result of this a global search for 65321457 will fail to find any matching records, even in the NetSuite UI.

Recommended Solution

To overcome this limitation admins can now enable a search prefix or suffix such as “%” that CloudExtend would use during the global search. Adding a wildcard prefix such as % to the search will surface the desired records. In the example above %65321457 will surface invoice INV65321457.

To do this a NetSuite admin should follow the steps below.

  1. Locate the Celigo Global Search deployment (Customization->Scripts->Script Deployments
    To make it easier to find filter on type = Restlet and API version = 2.0.

  2. Edit the deployment and select the parameters tab.

  3. Under search term template enter the desired wildcard. Always be sure that {term} is included. This will hold the data used in the global search. In the example above the % sign is the prefix and 65321457 is the term. CloudExtend will then initiate a global search with %65321457. If you wanted to add the % as a suffix you could enter {term}%.

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