Note that CloudExtend supports NetSuite Saved Searches and not NetSuite reports. When we refer to reports we are referring to your Excel document as a report which is created from one or more NetSuite saved searches.

👉 To know more about Saved Searches, go here.

Watch the video or follow the steps below to learn how to add NetSuite saved searches to Excel.

Adding a NetSuite Saved Search

Step 1: Under the Create custom report section, click Start from Scratch (Dashboards are a feature that will come at a later date).

Step 2: Click Add Report.

💡 Note that the search window dialog opens. You may search for a NetSuite saved search using any of the methods below.

Key-value pair search

Under the Filter tab, search for a NetSuite saved search using internal ID, search ID, or name. By default, this option will appear.

Search using a list

Click the All tab and select saved searches.

Search using recent NetSuite saved searches

Click on the background of the pop-up window and select a saved search.

Step 3: Select the saved search(es) you wish to run and click Add.

Step 4: Click Next. You may either click Add Schedule to schedule the report generation or click Skip to skip scheduling.

⚠️ Note

Prior to adding your schedule, you will need to save your file to OneDrive for Business or SharePoint. You can always add a report to a schedule later.

Step 5: If setting up scheduled report generation, you may enter the schedule interval and frequency and click Next. For more information on scheduling, see Scheduling report generation.

You may preview records by clicking on the respective view icon.

Step 6: Click Create. Note that the saved searches get populated in the Microsoft Excel Workbook.

Sharing your workbook with others

You may share your workbook with your colleagues. Once shared, your colleagues will be able to view all the sheets in the shared workbook with the latest data on it. However, your colleagues will not be able to change the schedule or re-run the report.

  • Only the Owner of the workbook is able to create/update the schedules for the given workbook or to re-run the report.

  • If the reports in a sheet fall under a particular schedule, then it will run in the background and will update the sheet with the latest data.

Here are the best practices when sharing workbooks with others. There are different ways to transfer. The links below will help you transfer or share workbooks!

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