Glad to know you're interested in the beta. Everything you need to get started is here.

Know before you install

Performance and feature parity

Admin steps

End user steps

Before you start installing the beta

Please ask your Admin to contact your Customer Success Manager or email with the subject line "CloudExtend Gmail Beta" and include a note with your company name and your NetSuite account number (see Step 1 below)

Once you do that, the CloudExtend deployment team will enable the installation of the beta in the requested accounts and inform you when it's ready for installation via email.

A few notes about performance and feature parity

The first time a user invokes a search on the App it may take 5-10 seconds for the results to appear. Subsequent searches should yield results in just a second or two.

We've added the most commonly used features to the beta first and will be adding other features as the beta progresses.

At present the following production features are not yet available or are different in the beta App.

  • Navigating to a NetSuite record from within the app is not yet possible.

  • Creating and editing NetSuite records from with the App is not yet possible.

  • The Send From Gmail button (in NetSuite) will only work with the production extension

  • Record types available for attaching emails are currently limited to those on this list (from our Outlook integration).

  • Inline images sync as attachments

Important Change

Emails will no longer be stored on the Gmail sub-tab or as custom records. All emails will be stored on the native messages tab in NetSuite. Attachments will also be included as part of the email on the native messages tab giving the user full visibility as to where the attachments came from. Users will be able to differentiate between native NetSuite emails as well as emails manually attached by CloudExtend users and also those attached by CloudExtend Autopilot. This is handled by the externalID field. See this support article on how to customize NetSuite to differentiate between emails attached natively by NetSuite and those by CloudExtend. You can even differentiate between emails manually attached or attached via Autopilot.

Using the App Side by Side with Production

It is technically possible to use the beta app along with the production app. We would recommend this only for users that need the app for creating and editing NetSuite records. For most users we encourage you to turn off the production app (navigate to your extensions and click the slider next to the App to disable it).

Ready to move forward?

Installation consists of two steps. One is managed by your NetSuite Admin and the other is managed by the end user.

Step 1 (Admin)

  • NetSuite Admin provides us with your NetSuite account number

  • NetSuite Admin installs the required SuiteApp

  • NetSuite Admin ensures the users have proper permissions

Step 2 (End User Install)

  • End user installs the beta Chrome extension

Step 01: Installing the SuiteApp (Admin)

To install the CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite SuiteApp:


This requires NetSuite Admin privileges.

Time saver

If you don't have much time to go through the instructions, watch the following video:

  1. Your NetSuite Admin should email your NetSuite Account Number to your CloudExtend Customer Success Manager or to

  2. Once you have received confirmation that the beta has been made available to your org (within 24 hours) continue.

  3. On the NetSuite menu, click SuiteApps.

    Note that you will be navigated to the SuiteApps screen.

  4. Click on the CloudExtend Google Workspace Beta SuiteApp.

    Tip: If you were unable to locate the SuiteApp, try searching with the phrase CloudExtend using search-box.

    Note that you will be navigated to the CloudExtend Google Workspace Beta SuiteApp screen.

  5. On the Overview tab, click Install. Once the SuiteApp is successfully installed, note that the Install button changes to Installed.

  6. 👉 Finally, make sure your users have the proper NetSuite permissions to log. See this article for a list of permissions including the 'user access tokens permission'.

Step 02: Installing and using the Chrome Extension (End User)

To install and use the CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite SuiteApp:

  1. First, make sure your admin has provisioned the proper permissions for the NetSuite role you will login with.

  2. Next, click here to access the beta on the Chrome web store

  3. Install the beta by selecting 'Add to Chrome;

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite (beta)! Now watch this short video to learn how to use it.


The most common error will be with users that don't have the proper NetSuite permissions. Please refer to this article for a list of required permissions.

How to get support and provide feedback

To provide support use the chat icon at the bottom right of this page. Be sure to select CloudExtend Gmail Beta when prompted.

See this short video showing how to get support.

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