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What is CloudExtend Cirrus?

CloudExtend gives your organization visibility into important communications. Without CloudExtend your important emails remain invisible to others in your inbox. We offer an easy 1-click solution to attach your emails to NetSuite records directly from Google Workspace and more.

Initial Release Features!

  • Logging in, you no longer need to login into NetSuite in a separate tab only Gmail needs to be open

  • Save email and attachments to NetSuite records

  • Ability to see if others already attached the email

  • Compose mode support

  • Autopilot (for Enterprise Users)

  • Enhanced Global Search

Coming Soon!

  • Record creation and editing

  • Ability to filter search results

  • Ability to search for custom records

Let's Get Started!

Step 1: Installing CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite (beta)

Step 2: Logging into CloudExtend | 01:00

Step 3: Select NetSuite records you want to link your emails

  • Auto-Search | 01:45

  • Manual Search | 02: 50

  • Save emails with Attachment | 02:18

Step 4: Learn how to Save an Email to NetSuite | 03:08

Step 5: Where are the emails saved in NetSuite? | 03:52

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