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Creating & Managing NetSuite Promotion Codes with CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite
Creating & Managing NetSuite Promotion Codes with CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite

XLNS | Learn how to create and manage NetSuite Promotion Codes

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Use Case

Promotion code records are a great way to apply discounts to certain items on your website NetSuite provides an easy way to manage discounts in the UI but if you're looking to manage a large number of items in bulk you can save time by managing them in Excel.

In this video scenario, we have an Excel source file (Promo Sheet) which we can reference to create/manage our promotion codes within Excel and import them into NetSuite.

Fields for CloudExtend Template

To create promotion code records, we will need to build a Promotion Code CloudExtend template. The following are common fields that are required or used to create the Promotion code record in NetSuite.

  • Name (this field references the name of the Promotion)

  • Code

  • Discount

  • Is Public

  • Exclude items

  • Item list: item

How to upload from CloudExtend into NetSuite?

In the video, we are copying and pasting the data from Promo Sheet into our Promotion Code template. We will paste it in the Name, Code, Discount, and Item fields. To make it public, we will enter the “TRUE” value to the Is Public field.

💡 Pro Tip: To streamline this use case, you can leverage Excel formulas and VBA functions when referencing data on another tab or Excel workbook.

Optional: If you need to exclude certain items, you can enter in “TRUE” value to the Exclude Items field column.

How to remove items from the Promotion Code?

With CloudExtend, you can edit existing Promotion code records. In the video, we are going to clear the last 3 line items of the record, then we will go to the Update icon and select Upsert Selected Record to update the “2021 Yearend Slash” Promotion code record.

After we update the “2021 Yearend Slash” Promotion, we can confirm the update was successful by going to the record in the NetSuite UI.

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