The settings section will enable you to customize the CloudExtend beta settings as per your preference.

Skip welcome screen

Ignore sign in user records

Skip Welcome Screen

When this is turned on CloudExtend will initiate the record search in NetSuite automatically skipping the welcome screen. By default, this is turned off

Two Ways to Enable Skip Welcome Screen

First Option - Settings

Step 1: Click Menu > Settings.

Step 2: Go to Skip welcome screen and toggle the button to turn it on.

Second Option - Welcome Screen

Step 1: Click the checkbox Always show suggest related records

Ignore Sign In User Records

When this is enabled CloudExtend users will ignore logged-in NetSuite user's email while fetching contextual records. This setting is turned off by default.

Step 1: Click Menu> Settings

Step 2: Go to Ignore sign-in user records and toggle the button to turn it on.

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