About this Release

The CloudExtend Excel Analytics for NetSuite v1.2.6.0 (XLANS v1.2.6.0) is the latest version of XLANS and is the successor to its v1.2.5.0. This release comes with a few enhancements that will take away certain issues that the XLANS users had to experience.

What’s New in this Release

This release does not include any new features.

What Has Changed in this Release


Support for new record types

Users will be able to work with saved searches belonging to following new record types that were supported in this release.

  • Accounting Book

  • Billing of Materials

  • Billing of Materials Revision

  • Issue

  • Revenue Recognition Plans and Schedules

  • Revenue Recognition Schedule

Deprecations and Removals:

No deprecations or removals were done in this release

Downloads and Documentation

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