The inventory adjustment transaction allows you to change the quantity and value of an item without entering a purchase order.

If you have a mismatch between on-hand quantity versus system quantity, we need to make an adjustment to do the correction, and doing this in CloudExtend is very easy.

Template Layout

Creating Inventory Adjustment

How to Check New Inventory Item in NetSuite

Template Layout

💡 Tip: It is best to check out the forms and fields and identify the header, column, and required fields in NetSuite that you may need in building the template.

If you are using NetSuite Classic Interface, you can go to:

Transactions>Inventory>Adjust Inventory

  • Tran ID

  • TranDate

  • Account

  • Item

  • Location

  • Adjust Qty By

Creating Inventory Adjustment

Step 1: Fill out the table with Account for the adjustment, item, location, and adjust qty by fields values.

Step 2: Go to the Update button and click Upsert All Records. The internal Id will show up in column B once successfully generated in NetSuite.

How to Check New Inventory Adjustment in NetSuite

Since you have the TranID, you can use that to easily search your newly created record in NetSuite.

Step 1: After the record has been created, click Refresh then refresh the value of the data in the table. It will give an automatically generated TranID. Copy the TranID value.

Step 2: In NetSuite, go to the search box and paste or type the TranID

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