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Admin: CloudExtend for NetSuite OneDrive/SharePoint Savings Metrics
Admin: CloudExtend for NetSuite OneDrive/SharePoint Savings Metrics

OLNS | Learn how to create a dashboard to know how much space is being saved using CloudExtend's OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Sync

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CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Enterprise Edition users can associate files stored on OneDrive for Business or SharePoint to help make their files more portable and to reduce the storage space used by NetSuite (learn more about the feature here). Users can add email file attachments up to 150 MB in size and associate files up to 250 GB (yes GB) in size with NetSuite records.

This article will show you how to create a metric on how much NetSuite storage space is being saved by using CloudExtend OneDrive and SharePoint Sync.

Creating the Search

Let's start by creating a Saved Search.

Step 1: In NetSuite go to Reports> Saved Searches> All Saved Searches > New

Step 2: Look for Celigo CloudExtend File System Record

Step 3: Enter Search Title of your choosing such as CloudExtend | OneDrive Storage Savings By User and set to Public.

Step 4: Go to the Results tab and use the settings below:

  • Add the metric you'd like to group by

    • To see metrics by user select 'Associated User DisplayName': Summary Type - Group

    • To see metrics by record type select Associated Record Type: Summary Type - Group

  • Add a Formula(Numeric) field:

    • Summary Type - Sum

    • Function - Round

    • Use the formula to calculate the total space saved by user.


    Sort By: Formula (Numeric) - Descending


We highly recommend that managers add this as a KPI to their dashboards and monitor activity by users. The KPI view will show usage for all users. To see individual usage you can the saved search separately or drill down into a specific period directly from the KPI.

Create the KPI

Step 1: Click Personalize.

Step 2: Drag KPI Indicator to the desired location.

Step 3: Click Setup.

Step 4: Add your newly created saved search to the KPI as a custom KPI.

You may also want to have NetSuite Usage Metrics for users syncing emails with CloudExtend. To learn more go to 👉 CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite usage metrics.

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