About this Release

The latest version of CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite (v5.1.0) includes new features, improvements, and a few fixes.

Users can now use their Sandbox accounts that enables users to add connections related to their NetSuite Sandbox account and expect all operations to work in extension using that connection.

In addition, record listings are modified with additional details. When viewing the suggested records for an email or search results for entered text, if there were multiple results with the same name, there was no way for user to identify the correct record by looking at more details. This is improved now so that the user can see additional record details like email and phone related to that record so that it is easy for user to choose the correct record.

This release also includes a fix as the Use of % wild card in global search was not giving correct results.

What’s New in this Release

  • Added support for Sandbox accounts: We have added the ability to work with Sandbox accounts so that users can test the functionality first in Sandbox before moving to Production account. Users can go to Connections view and add a connection for their NetSuite Sandbox account and set it active. Once done they should be able to do all operations in the extension.

    Note that Sandbox connections have an orange theme throughout the app so that we are always aware that Sandbox account is being used.

    Note: We identified an issue with NetSuite Sandbox accounts where sometimes the search takes longer than usual and times out. We reached out to NetSuite support for this and they have identified this as a defect Defect 689198 : SuiteScript2.0 > RESTlet > search > runPaged > SSS_TIME_LIMIT_EXCEEDED and is marked as U5 defect. 

What Has Changed in this Release


  • Record details added to Search results and record suggestions: We have added the ability to view more details related to a record in Available records section and Global search results so that user can easily identify which record to select when two or more records have the same name. Other record details like email, phone for entities, company, and title/date for transactions are shown along with name and record type.


No feature deprecations in this release.


No feature removals in this release.

Fixed Issues

Following issues were fixed as part of this release:

  • Unable to use % wild card in global search: There was an issue in the search where entering % in the search text was not returning results. This is fixed now. We should be able to search using % in global search bar provided in the extension.

  • Issue with Global Search not working sometimes: There was an issue where users were seeing the global search view stuck at searching but not returning any results. The issue would go away only when the extension was reloaded. This is fixed now. Global search should work fine and not get stuck when searching for any text.

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