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FAQ: Email Address-Based Autopilot (Auto-Association)
FAQ: Email Address-Based Autopilot (Auto-Association)

OLNS | What is Auto-Association for Email Address Based Autopilot

Updated over a week ago

When you are assigning an email address to be synced to a record/s, this gets saved in the Auto-Association database. You can look up the email address and see what records it is associated with or you can also turn off the email address sync if need be.

This will be available for Enterprise users only that are using Autopilot 2.0

Step 1: Click the ... dots on the CloudExtend panel then select Settings.

Step 2: Go to Auto Associations and enter the email address you want to check. Click on the matching email, this will allow you to do two things.

  • See the list of NetSuite records the email address is associated to

  • Remove the Autopilot association completely for the email address.

    • Hover on the trash icon of the records where you want to turn off the Autopilot.

    • Emails from that email address will NO LONGER automatically be associated with those record(s).

๐Ÿ’ก Notes

  • To get the list of email addresses with the auto association, you can enter @companyname, .com, .org , .edu or any part of the email as CloudExtend is doing a wildcard search.

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