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🔍 Find all your important CloudExtend Google Workspace Resources in 1 place here!GMNS l Guides and resources to ensure you are setup for success
CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite Go Live Checklist and End-user Guidelines
Getting Started: End-user getting started (Google Workspace: Gmail, Cal + G Drive)GMNS | Get started with CloudExtend Google Workspace
Getting Started: CloudExtend Google Workspace Best Practices GuideGMNS | CloudExtend Google Workspace Admins can leverage this guide when implementing and planning user onboarding
Getting Started: Getting started with CloudExtend Gmail Lite (with mobile)GMNS | Learn the basics of attaching emails to NetSuite from your mobile phone or Chrome browser using CloudExtend Gmail Lite
Admin: Check to ensure you meet all the prerequisites to install and use CloudExtend Google Workspace bundleGMNS | 4 prerequisites for CloudExtend Google Workspace bundle install
Admin: Install CloudExtend Sync for NetSuite Google Workspace Marketplace AppGMNS | This will show you how to install Cloudextend from Marketplace application
Admin: Allocate Gmail end user licenses via Admin role or create a purpose built roleGMNS | Learn how to allocate licenses to end users and/or create a role to do so
Admin: Install and Configure CloudExtend Google Workspace and Related ComponentsGMNS | Step by step guide and video tutorial on how to install CloudExtend Google Workspace
Admin: Review and Set CloudExtend Gmail Admin Level Customizations/SettingsGMNS | Admins should review these org wide settings
Admin: Set your users up for success by reviewing and sharing articles tailored to their ApplicationGMNS | Learn how to educate users with links to Gmail, Drive, and Calendar specific help sections
Admin: Enabling CloudExtend Google Workspace Autopilot For Your OrganizationGMNS | Learn about the necessary steps to enable Autopilot for Google Workspace for your organization
End-Users: Install CloudExtend Google WorkspaceGMNS | Once your Admin allocates a license to you, you will need to install the chrome extension
End-Users: Login into CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuiteGMNS | Connect Google Worskspace to your NetSuite
Settings: Understand how missing sender/recipients are handled by CloudExtend (Optional)GMNS | NetSuite requires that attached emails have a matching Sender and Recipient in NetSuite. Learn how this is addressed when empty
Settings: Login into CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Using TBA (Optional)GMNS | If your organization requires that you login with tokens learn how here
Settings: Adding and Removing Gmail and Google Drive tab to NetSuite records (Optional)GMNS | How to enable CloudExtend tabs for other native and custom record types
Settings: Configure a dashboard or search to monitor email attach activity (Optional - Legacy Only)GMNS | Learn two ways to help track email attachment activity
Settings: Configure CloudExtend for users with whose Gmail address is different than NetSuite or your org has multiple domains (Optional)GMNS | Learn how to set up CloudExtend when your organization has multiple Gmail/Google Drive domains
Settings: Setup token based authentication (TBA) for CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite (Optional)GMNS | Learn how to setup TBA based login for CloudExtend Gmail users
Settings: Setup Single Sign On (SSO) for CloudExtend Gmail For NetSuite (Optional)GMNS | As an Admin, learn how to enable Single Sign-on(SSO) for CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite