• Support for Dummy Owner in NetSuite – It may happen that the owner of an event in Google is not available in NetSuite (in case you received event invite in Google from a non-NetSuite employee). The product has been enhanced to provide the functionality of syncing such events from Google with the Owner as a dummy employee in NetSuite.

  • Choosing not to Sync Events in NetSuite – Now, by checking a field on the event record you can choose not to sync an event in NetSuite with Google.

  • More Secure Google Authentication – The product has been enhanced to use to a secure key when connecting to Google, increasing the security.

  • One-time Batch Sync of Events in NetSuite – The option of syncing all future events in NetSuite has been provided when the user registers their Google account.

  • Support for Recurrence Exceptions – Very often it happens that an instance of a recurring meeting needs to be canceled or moved. Now, the recurrence exceptions created in either calendar are synced.Due to a limitation of the SuiteScripts API, this feature is broken in the CloudExtend Google Calendar. Celigo has a workaround in place for this feature until the feature is officially supported by the SuiteScript API.

Other Changes:

  • Google to NetSuite event sync runs every 30 minutes now instead of 15, because CloudExtend Google Calendar is using NetSuite scheduled scripts for the batch import.

  • Individual users are registered solely via the licensing manager—you no longer need to enter your Google credentials into a suitelet to get access to the Calendar Sync. The Licensing Manager check just makes sure that you have enough seats to add this employee, and then adds him/her as a licensed user

  • The “dummy employee” who owns events created in another Google apps domain no longer needs web services access for use with the sync.

  • Calendar event attendee responses are not sync’d with Google because of a limitation in their API. It will be fixed eventually—their API guide says the fix is “Coming Soon.”

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