We added the ability for a user to make a field as a real-time lookup. To make a field resolve directly from Salesforce instead of cache, you need to edit the formula in the first row.

Use this with caution as it may degrade performance unnecessarily since it needs to make a call to Salesforce for every line during an upsert operation. Once resolved, consider replacing it with the internalID in [[nnnn]] format before upserting.

Learn more here.


Old value

= T(N("TimeBill.employee"&4))

New value

= T(N("TimeBill.employee"&20))

&4 must be changed to &20 .

This update also contains minor bug fixes:

  • After all records in a template are deleted, a refresh all operation now clears the content in the table.

  • Fixed a bug observed while downloading a report with URL fields, where the downloaded field shows HTML code. Now it correctly shows the URL.

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